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What is Pilates?

Take control of your body! Pilates helps to improve your strength starting from your core. Body weight on the mat combined with the use of spring resistance offered on Pilates apparatus will even out your muscle tone; improve your flexibility, balance and posture; and help you to lose weight. Gain confidence and experience the joy that comes along with challenging, mindful movement!

Pilates wears different hats for different clients. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or recovering from an injury, Pilates will work for you.  Our team of instructors are well trained to cater your personal practice to be sport specific, rehab focused, or sweaty and intense! 

Our Classes

MSPS 1- Intro/Beginner

A class designed to introduce and refine the fundamentals of the Pilates method. Slower paced to allow a deeper understanding of concepts that are either new or unfamiliar to your practice. Classes will utilize mats, props, and various equipment.


MSPS 2- Multi-level/Intermediate

We start to spice things up in this multi-level, intermediate class. No matter what level you are walking into class, you should expect to advance your skills and techniques to progress your practice. While mostly centered around the Reformer, don’t be surprised if a little bit of Mat or Tower gets thrown into the routine.


MSPS 2.5 Cardio- Multi-level/Intermediate

All the intensity you love about the MSPS 2 class with the added fun of the jump board! You will sweat. You will burn. And you will love every minute of it!


MSPS 3-Intermediate/Advanced

Pilates, full stop! Come to class expecting an energetic and exciting workout on the Reformer, Tower, Mat, or Chair. This class is designed for those who are more familiar with Pilates concepts, need little modification, and are excited to take on the challenge. 

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